Live radio appearance tonight

Later tonight we’ll be appearing live with the good people of Folk is Not a Rude Word on Uckfield FM. They’ve invited us in to play a few live songs and to chat about ourselves and some of the other bands we love.

It would be lovely if you want to join us live from 9-11pm on 105FM, or via the live feed at the Uckfield FM website. If you fancy posing any questions please send them to @fnarw on Twitter.

Hope you can join us!

Meadowlands festival

Only one gig in May but it’s a good ‘un – we’re on at Meadowlands, our home festival!

It’s a three-day festival at Glynde Place, Lewes, from 24-26 May, and the headliners include British Sea Power, The Herbaliser and the bloody marvellous Sweet Billy Pilgrim. We’re playing the Woodland Stage at 2pm on Sunday 26 May. Weekend tickets are £95 including camping, or you can buy a Saturday/Sunday-only ticket for £48 (includes camping that evening).

We’ll be warming up with a live set on Folk is Not a Rude Word the Wednesday before. More on this soon!

Free track download!

Camera Marks a Point, the last song on Eucatastrophe, has made it into the Listening Post on Tom Robinson’s Fresh on the Net site this week.

We’re pretty chuffed, so for this weekend only we’ve made it a free download – just click the Download button above.

(Note that Charlie accidentally created a new Soundcloud account; our regular Soundcloud page lives here.)

Eucatastrophe – available to pre-order!

Our debut album Eucatastrophe is being minted as we speak, ready for its release on 27 August. It’s been a long voyage, and as a thank you to those of you who’ve been with us so far we’ve made it available to pre-order at a slightly lower price.

You can buy it from our Bandcamp site, or simply go there to marvel at Erin’s cover artwork. We’ll be posting copies out the week before release, so they should arrive on launch day or thereabouts.

Stay tuned for details of the launch gig – it’s going to be intimate!

Small Shipwrecks set Sail

A Eucatastrophe is in the making! In the darkest hour before the dawn when all is quiet it’s hard to imagine it will be such a fine day. But it will. On Monday 2nd July the first single from our debut album Eucatastrophe will be officially released. Good old interweb. Finally after years of turning down offers (a few anyway) to release my stupid songs I have found a frankly dreamy band at a time when it is possible to C30, C60, C90 Go! Yeh at last. At least it feels like it.

White Diamond is the single. Featuring the most magnificent use of a bicycle pump by Charlie and the pure throat that is Stella Homewood, White Diamond owes a debt to the incredible documentary by Werner Herzog. It is the story of human dreams in the context of stunning, harsh nature. Oh yes and it is also about a brief, car crash relationship.