Small Shipwrecks is a band from Lewes and Brighton. Formed in summer 2011 to record songs from the end of a relationship, our influences include rock, Americana, old-time, folk and bebop. We use guitar, double bass, cahon, banjo, fiddle and bicycle pump, and have been likened to Talk Talk, American Music Club and Arcade Fire – none of which we sound like.

The group comprises Matthew Bird, Charlie Peverett, Simon Handby, Michi Mathias and Farah Alkhalisi.

Our debut album Eucatastrophe (literally when everything goes good) was recorded by Matt Tweed (Martha Tilston / Pond Life Studios) and released in August 2012. It features contributions by Andy Bennett (Bennett) and Stella Homewood. You can listen to it here.

This site is the best place to stay in touch with what we’re doing, but you can sign up for our mailing list, or find usĀ on Facebook, Bandcamp, Twitter, Songkick, Soundcloud and Flickr.

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