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Slacking off

We’re having a quick breather before the next couple of gigs in March. The first (Sat 9th) is an in-store set at Lewes’ legendary Union Music Store, and the second (Tue 12th) an evening at Bom-Bane’s restaurant in Kemptown, supported by Lovely Guy Hayes™.

Both are free acoustic gigs where I won’t have room to swing a drum stick, so I’ll probably be revealing my inadequacy on the cajon. We may also have to ration Charlie to just, say, 10 of his favourite instruments, and Matthew to 90 of his favourite decibels.

In the meantime, if you’re on Facebook you’ll find a set of pictures from last Wednesday’s gig at the Latest. You can also ‘Like’ our page while you’re there if that’s your sort of thing.

Snow day

What better way to recover from pneumonia, I hear you ask, than to sit in the Arctic snow while Carlotta Luke takes photos of your band?

How about if you’re not wearing a jacket and Matthew, who turns out to be a crack shot, pelts you with snowballs? Perfect!

Small Shipwrecks

Must have been something about it, anyway, because last Sunday we finally got some proper photos with all five of us. Weirdly we seem to be smiling in most of them; it must be the magic of the Small Shipwrecks Shuffle – a recurrent theme kicked off by Farah whenever she’s first to start playing.

We’ll be using them for various promotions, flyers and gig applications, but for now you can see a few more on Carlotta’s website. Many thanks to her for freezing her arse off in the name of art.

Small Shipwrecks

Band book club

Recently we’ve got into a bit of a thing with reading various musical non-fiction. It accidentally started when I bought It’s Lovely to be Here, James Yorkston’s notes from 10 years of gigging, and it ended up getting passed around the band.

James’ writing is similar to his lyrics and narration; amusing, honest, gently self-mocking. The book’s great, and it appears to have cemented JY in the band’s affections – even if he did tell Charlie’s moothie to feck off.

Currently doing the rounds is The Glamour Chase, Tom Doyle’s biography of the eclectic, mercurial and sadly departed Billy MacKenzie. I didn’t know much about MacKenzie, being a bit young for the Associates in their time, but a corner of my head is forever reverberating to Party Fears Two; possibly the weirdest and most brilliant hit single ever. Reading this was partly an (unsuccessful) attempt to exorcise this glorious earworm.

Matthew’s first contribution to Band Book Club is Alanna Nash’s The Colonel, which tells the story of Colonel Tom Parker and Elvis. Again, don’t know much about Elvis – don’t like his music much – but the shadowy Colonel sounds far more intriguing. Looking forward to finding out more, thangyouverymuch.