Sussex Band Names

The other night, over post-practice pints in the Lewes Arms, we got talking silly Sussex band names.

Best / worst so far:

Dirty Three Bridges
Black-Eyed Peasmarsh
Findon Henley
Alicia Keymer
Frankie Goes To Hollingdean
Ronnie Woodmancote
Bonnie Prince Billingshurst
Bignor Country
The Brede-rs
Berwick Astley
Wu Tangmere Clan
Southease 17
Rodmell & Kim
Goodwoody Guthrie
Everything But The Firle
Johnny Rottingdean.
Van Hailsham
Counting Crowborough
The Ore-b
Nick Haywards Heath
The Hass(c)ocks
Ten Polegate Tudor
Richard Crawley
Gary Nuhaven

Any more…?

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