Small Shipwrecks set Sail

A Eucatastrophe is in the making! In the darkest hour before the dawn when all is quiet it’s hard to imagine it will be such a fine day. But it will. On Monday 2nd July the first single from our debut album Eucatastrophe will be officially released. Good old interweb. Finally after years of turning down offers (a few anyway) to release my stupid songs I have found a frankly dreamy band at a time when it is possible to C30, C60, C90 Go! Yeh at last. At least it feels like it.

White Diamond is the single. Featuring the most magnificent use of a bicycle pump by Charlie and the pure throat that is Stella Homewood, White Diamond owes a debt to the incredible documentary by Werner Herzog. It is the story of human dreams in the context of stunning, harsh nature. Oh yes and it is also about a brief, car crash relationship.

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